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16 Nove–16

How to make a fabulous mini-garden by yourself?

Mini garden in the ​​glass jar - it is the original thing you can create by yourself for your home, which is easy to do and take care of. If you do not have much time to care for the plants, it is really for you. With our advice and your imagination, you can create original and effective décor for your home.

We offer several options for the mini-gardens.

Note that the vessel should be deep, for the roots of the plant to grow. When choosing the vessel, you may stop your choice at the aquarium, flowerpot, kettle, glass, bottle, pharmacy container, etc.

Any unpretentious plant, which does not require special care, may grow in the conditions of mini - garden. Select the plants that grow well together.

We offer those plants, which are similar in terms of the most well rejoice.

Here is what you will need for mini-garden:


  • light soil, which easily absorb water;
  • pebbles, which you scatter on the land and under it;
  • in case of absence of drainage holes it is necessary to use the charcoal tablets;
  • moss, which absorbs excessive moisture; 
  • for decoration you may use stones, shells, plaster gnomes, little statues.

How to make the mini-garden
First wash the glass vessel, then place 2,5 cm thickness layer of 1 handful of charcoal tablets, pebbles, gravel, cover with moss and soil.   Then take the plant out of the container and place into the glass jar, the roots should be placed deep into the soil. Set garden with decorative elements.

Remember that it is not recommended to water the plants with plenty of water, even slightest moisture is sufficient. Water the plant once a week or a month in accordance with its type. If you notice that, the plant withers or any other disease begins, you should remove it from other plants. If your garden is closed from time to time, remove the cover from the vessel for ventilation.