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15 Nove–16

Fujisawa - Smart city in Japan

The ecological city has been developed in Japan, where the solar energy is being used in all houses. Water consuming is decreased by 30% and instead of public transport; they use electrical-mobiles and bikes.

Recently it has been hold the  official event of  opening  of the ‘smart” city Fujisawa. Fujisawa SST Square is an architectural complex, which is situated in the central square of the city. Infrastructural objects are controlled  from here. Fujisawa has already had the first inhabitants. Generally, the city is considered for 3 000 residents. The works planned in Fujisawa will be completed in 2018.

New city will get more than 30% of the electricity from the renewable alternative sources, first, via solar batteries, which reduces the carbon traces in case of earthquake and power termination, including warm water supply within 3 days. All equipment is used with necessary precondition of economical spending.

There are no gas stations in the city, but the electrical car repair network is developed there. Citizens who do not have the vehicles can hire the electric cars, electric scooters, bicycles and other ecological means of transportation. The safety of population is being implemented in public places via video observations and sensor systems, which for example, provide the street lighting only when the people are moving. This also gives the opportunity to use the electricity effectively.


Total cost of the project is 500 million dollars, though despite the significant budget, this innovative-ecological city is just the beginning, because the goal of the company is the total spread of Fujisawa model, which means the autonomic and reliable development of the city within 100-year-period.